Which move give you pleasure if you are a businessman.

Khaled Mahmud one of my brothers give a post on Facebook and ask for move name. The post was something like that . Give me some business-related move name.
Khaled Vai this post is for you and I am collecting move name for you post also. When I first think about business. There is a little bit of fog in Bangla Move. But when we think about culture , business and life the first move come to my mind is Jonaarronna (জন অরণ্য). Obviously you find it on youtube.
Second The wolf of wall street. Martin Scorsese made it. In my opinion it a good movie but not a good move for a businessman. But its give you a view about laser psyche in stock worker.
My favarate in The Game. David Fincher mage it. Its a pure pleasure for a businessman. Fincher understand the psyche of human in my opinion some he understand in batter then Stanley Kubrick and Alfred Hitchcock. So Still we are in old age and I must tell the make of Citizen Kane. Orson Welles made it and he also made Hot Money He died before the film relies or it will also become one of talk of the time.

If you like Hindi film you must see Pad Man and Guru. Guru made my Mani Ratnam .

The Entrepreneurel cinema is a king of cinema you can call it biopic but base on stivejobs life there is two film one Jobs and other Steve Jobs. Mark Zuckerberg have a biopic made by David Fincher name Socal Network.

The Godfather makes you king of in sensative persion but a businessman king of enjoying those move and it will give you an understanding of how far a businessman can go. Mario Puzo write lots of other move pieces from his novel and you can see that also.

My personal Favorite All the Money in the World  Directed by Ridley Scott . and I think Ridley is pure pleasure for businessman. he makes Gladiator, A Good Year, American Gangster . and I thing you find Russell Crowe and Ridley together.
I like Sandra Bullock also her Two Weeks Notice is a pure pleasure for businessman actually you will find President Donal Tramp in this move.

I will make a list if I find time some days.
and this writing dedicated to Khaled Bhai.

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