Why Google Cloud?

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1. Its have no restrictions.

2. 300 USD free for the first year.

3. Great support for qualified people.

4. they have the Google Kit plugin, that has webmaster tools, Google analytics, Google addend, and Google search console tools.

5. You can use Cloud SQL instant of MySQL it will speed up your database and they have great backups service it’s not possible to hake it.

6. If you use Kubernetes container technology you can handle as much traffic you want. It’s almost impossible to manage like Bluehost or Wpengin or like another hosting company.

7. You can host your code in GitHub and connect to google so you can develop continuously and make your site always look and perform great. We called it CD/CI development.

8. Every site need an Android or ios apps and it will triple up your traffic, if you build up a mobile app using Google API, you can catch all the mobile traffic.

9. Decision-making like you Don’t want to you WordPress, you want to you a python base Django apps or Java base spring apps, you can use the same Cloud SQL database and move all things to new apps.

This is the hold new world. You can adapt anything if you Just start following Google. The future is the Ai base feature, you can solve a lot of problems by using their machine learning and big data service. Lots of great websites get their first hit when they start receiving big traffic on their site. All these hosts fake it to get more money from their clients. Making a server doesn’t cost that much all you have to do give the responsibly to the right people.when 4 to 10 experts work with you, it gives you the perception of good scale business.

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